Find List Special Database Develop a Social Media Crisis Plan

Develop a Social Media Crisis Plan

Humanize your brand the perception of your brand should be enhance by your csr programs but you can also put a human face to the initiatives by shining a lens on your top executives or employees. This links to the storytelling that we mentione above. A story can come from an unlikely place. But if told well. It can deepen the public’s understanding of your brand and be use to your advantage. Take the french alcohol company. Pernod ricard. The company hire a new ceo of north america in 2020. Ann mukherjee. Who by her admittance was an unlikely choice for the top job at a company that sells alcohol. In an interview with fast company.

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She reveale a difficult relationship with alcohol. Having been assaulte by an inebriate man. And dealing with her mother’s death which was special data cause by a drunk driver. While many c-suite leaders may be reluctant to share such personal details. Mukherjee’s experiences informe one of her first initiatives as ceo: a campaign (launche on valentine’s day) about consent for absolut vodka. One of pernod ricard’s flagship brands. Absolut valentine’s day consent ad campaign absolut valentine’s day consent ad campaign this campaign connects to pernod’s sustainability csr strategy as it ties into the value of the brand and highlights responsibility as one of their commitments under their ‘responsible hosting’ pillar – to fight alcohol misuse and promote responsible drinking.

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 You can find out more about ‘influencing change through digital channels: with drinkaware’. Become a world class digital marketer 6) curate content any csr initiatives Find List your company has adopte will also resonate with other companies and have far-reaching impacts. This means that there’s likely to be research or developments in areas like climate change that will appeal to your social meia audience. To cement your csr initiatives. Share third-party posts and information to highlight issues. This will not take away from your brand of csr programs but. Rather. Show your deication to a cause because you care. Not because it drives clicks. Outdoor clothing company patagonia is well known for being a climate and environmental activist.

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