Digital accessibility how to produce more inclusive materials

Digital accessibility is a need that has been. Growing and can be understood as a real breaking down of barriers on the internet. Thinking about making all digital materials more inclusive. Can help increase sales to this audience and also leverage brands. What is digital accessibility. Digital accessibility can be seen as a process. Of transforming digital products (from websites to different contents) accessible to all people. This is an essential process for a country that has about 23.9% of the population with some type of disability, of which 6.7% have a severe disability.

According to the census  the country has

Not yet carried out a new census –, in that period. There were already 45 million people within this profile and who may face numerous limitations in understanding, navigating. And interacting in the digital environment. X-ray of the disabled Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List population in brazil, 23.9% of the population has some degree of disability (visual, auditory, motor and mental) of these people, 6.7% have severe disabilities types of visual impairments: 39.5 million people hearing: 10.7 million (2.3 million with severe disabilities) motor: 14.7 million people mental: 2.9 million people source: 2010 census (ibge) according to 2019 data from the locomotiva institute, 39.5 million people have some vision. Impairment and 10.7 million have varying degrees of hearing impairment.

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If we think about how a blind person can

Access a website or the contents of a blog. Or even a deaf person can access audiovisual material from a digital marketing campaign, let’s understand some of the challenges they face. Ignoring this audience is not only a matter of lack of awareness of inclusion, but also represents. The loss of a considerable share of the consumer market. When digital Find List products are not accessible, they fail to communicate with a very. Representative slice of the market. To get an idea of ​​what a portion of this slice represents, we have data also presented by the. Locomotiva institute: despite facing several limitations. Including in the job market, the public with hearing impairment, for example, moves brl 576 billion a year.

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