Find List phone number list E-commerce in brazil grows investing in digital marketing has never been so important

E-commerce in brazil grows investing in digital marketing has never been so important

The pandemic caused by covid-19 has already completed a year in brazil. Adaptation and resilience were key. However, if many businesses are still working, even in lockdown, we owe much of this to digital marketing. Proof of this is the e-commerce in brazil report (april/2021) published by conversion. Which reports a 40% growth in brazilian e-commerce. Keep reading and understand more about it! Digital marketing: what is. The importance in the current scenario. The importance of digital marketing has never been talked about as much as it is today.

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This happened more quickly with the digital transformation. Caused by the lockdown and the closures of trade, in this year that the covid-19 pandemic extends in brazil. It is undeniable the fact that investment in digital marketing strategies was the Switzerland Phone Numbers List salvation of many businesses, which needed to adapt and. Start and/or accelerate their sales on digital to survive the new scenario. Incidentally, a survey conducted in 2019 by nzn intelligence. Already showed that 74% of consumers prefer the online modality over purchases made in physical stores . With the pandemic, there was often no choice but to buy online and the consumer also had to adapt.

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Strategies and well-elaborated planning, in. Addition to the analysis of metrics, allowed the increase of sales opportunities for companies, making it even possible to reach people. From other cities, which was previously not possible. Tangible for many Find List local businesses. It’s not hard to believe, but the number of internet. Users in the world has reached 4.66 billion today (report produced by we are social and hootsuite from january/2021). That is, brands that do not guarantee their online presence are at great risk of being forgotten by consumers. After all, take the test: when. You have a question, I bet that most of the time you google it. This happens with products and services too, so it is extremely important.

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