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Television Advertising and Online

The findings indicate that television advertising does influence online shopping and that advertising content plays a key role. Action focus content increases direct website traffic and sales. Information focus and emotion focus ad content actually ruce website traffic while simultaneously increasing purchases with a net effect on sales that is positive for most brands.

These results imply that brands seeking

To attract multitaskers attention and dollars must select their advertising copy carefully. Publisher s link http hbs faculty Publication Files Teixeira et al  Shopping d c e fd b dcc bd e d f .pdf pdf WORKING PAPERS The Air War versus The Ground Game An Analysis of Multi Cabo Verde Email List Channel Marketing in U.S. Presidential Elections pdf By Chung Doug J. and Lingling Zhang ABSTRACT—Firms increasingly use both mass mia advertising and target personal selling to successfully promote products and brands in the marketplace. In this study we jointly examine the effect of mass mia advertising and personal selling in the context of.

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U.S. presidential elections

Where the former is referr to as the air war and the latter the ground game. Specifically we look at how different types of advertising―candidates own ads vs. outside ads―and personal selling―in the form of utilizing field offices―affect voter preferences. Further we ask Thailand Phone Number how these various campaign activities affect the outcome of elections through their diverse effects on various types of people. We find that personal selling has a stronger effect among partisan voters while candidates own advertising is better receiv by non partisans.

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