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We also find that personal selling account for the Democratic victories in the and elections and that advertising was critical only in a close election such as the one in . Interestingly had the Democrats receiv more outside advertising in the election would have end up in a tie. Our findings generate insights on how to allocate resources across and within channels.

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Publication Files df pdf Financial Development and Technology Diffusion By Comin Diego and Ramana Nanda ABSTRACT—We examine the extent to which financial Cambodia Email List market development impacts the diffusion of major technologies looking across countries from to . We find that greater depth in financial markets leads to faster technology diffusion for more capital intensive technologies but only in periods closer to the invention of the technology. In fact we find no differential effect of financial depth on the diffusion of capital intensive technologies in the late stages of diffusion or in late adopters.

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Our results are consistent with a view

That local financial markets play a critical role in facilitating the process of experimentation that is requir for the initial commercialization of technologies.  mechanism relating financial market development to technology diffusion and economic growth. Download Turkey Phone Number working paper http papers.ssrn sol papers.cfm abstract id Entrepreneurship and Business Groups An Evolutionary Perspective on the Growth of the Koç Group in Turkey By Coplan Asli M. and Geoffrey Jones ABSTRACT—This working paper examines the origins and development of the Koç Group which grew to be the largest business group in Turkey.

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