Find List C Level Executive List It is always the first time for the client

It is always the first time for the client

I remember when my youngest daughter was born. She was with my mother in the clinic room and the hairdresser who cuts newborns’ hair arrived. The man takes out his electric shaver and whoosh! He passes it over the newborn’s head. My mother jumps and shouts, “be careful!” to which the hairdresser, emboldened and with an unfriendly attitude, answers, “madam, i’ve been doing this for twenty-five years!” to which my mother answers, “she can carry a hundred, but she is my granddaughter.” this story represents what each of our clients experience. It’s always your first time. You may have done something many times, but for the client it is the first time. It is always Even if it’s not the first time, treat it as if it were.

Your thousandth surgery

Think of a surgeon. It may be , for the patient it is surgery. The customer experience begins with understanding that it is always the first time. Think about your favorite artist. He arrives in your city and you go to see him. It may be your 500th, 1000th or 2000th show, but for you it is the experience of a lifetime. Think of the actors who can’t change a word Gambling Email List of the parliament they have. How do they do it differently? Understanding that there is something that always changes: the audience. It is making a difference for the people in front of us.

But more effective It is always

It happens to me with conferences, when i share a story that i have told many times, but it feels like the first time, because the audience is different. When we understand that what we do is not done because of the custom we have but to delight and truly serve Find List our clients, it is different. It is always Therefore, never forget, for the client it is always the first time. Although i’m not the biggest fan of cold calling, if you have to do it, do it the right way: prequalify it means identifying that the prospect is really a potential customer . Who has the conditions that make him an ideal client who has the need or problem that you solve. That meets the profile of your current clients. Not only is it less tiring.

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