The color that will be a trend in 2023 according to

Every year, since 2000, Pantone chooses what will be the color of the year and, therefore, will reign for 12 months in trends of all kinds. Interior designers, architects, decorators, graphic and digital designers, fashion experts… and other professionals remain attentive to the choice. In 2020 it was Pantone blue , in 2021 it was gray and bright yellow, and in 2022 it was Very Peri, a mix between blues and violets that triumphed in multiple sectors. The color that But what happened to the choice of Pantone color 2023? Below, we reveal it to you. Last December, the North American company in question decided that the “Pantone 2023 color of the year” was going to be Viva Magenta.

It is a mix between

Red, purple and pink. They warn us that it is not maroon or red wine in color. A that emits courage, joy, energy, strength, optimism, renewal Betting Email List and is very vibrant. Its coordinates are 18-1750. As its name indicates, this evokes the sand we find on the beach. It boasts a golden tone, rather dull, but soft. In combination with Pantone 2023, both colors create a contrast that is especially useful for interior decoration.  Gray Lilac Once again we are faced with a less intense than Pantone 2023. This time it is a soft gray, whose coordinates are 13-3804. Its tone reminds us of silver. Without a doubt, it is an attractive gray that could well create a perfect combination for different color applications. For example, in the design of a Christmas card .

The color that Khaki This

Color has been the protagonist of fashion on many occasions. Especially in winter. It reminds us of a military tone. The truth is that we have rarely seen it combined Find List with Pantone 2023. Given the proposal, we believe that Pale Khaki combined with Pantone 2023 can create new and original effects. Its chromatic coordinates are 15-1216. Fields of Rye This tone is quite similar to the previous one, although this time it transports us to the field and its crops. Maybe this year we will see it combined with the Viva Magenta. Its chromatic coordinates are 15-1115. Again, it is a tone widely used in clothing.  Agate Gray It is likely that you have seen this color on several occasions in decorative elements, as well as walls and tiles.

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