Find List phone number list Danny Meyer is an investor not the chef

Danny Meyer is an investor not the chef

The idea is there are multiple worlds in our society and peopl. Ie are judged differently in each world. Take any individual and she behaves differently and has different values in the family realm than in say the work realm. The idea is this There is a market logic which has rational eco. Inomic calculations and an artistic logic where one is doing something for self expression.

So how do you blend those two worlds

Noma does it by charging a high price where people are paying for lunch—though not necessarily a high margin. That s similar to a fashion brand like Chanel tho. Iugh fashion brands have higher margins . Acurio is following a portfolio logic similar tonguin which has Penguin Classics and all kinds of genre fiction like steampunk and romance that make a Estonia Phone Number List lot of money but it also has Viking its literary press which any serious author would be over the moon to get a contract with. HBSWK What would you say is the biggest conflict Noma faces Khaire When you as a firm are depending entirely on the chef s creativity for the product . Ihow do you grow You can t clone the person you can t create multiple Nomas.

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Obviously there are some restaurant chains

That do that like Danny Meyer but after awhile  and René woul. Id not like to do that—he likes to cook. Norton Look at it as a continuum where one end is Wolfgang Puck s airport kiosks. The interesting question is where do you fall on that continuum Acurio China Telegram Number is probably more on the commercial end because he is trying to c. Ireate a brand to launch in other countries—it s not that he s trying to make money necessarily but he wants to be known. Khaire There s a difference in how each one wants to be known.

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