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While candidates own ads are found to  more effective for voters with weaker baseline partisan preferences the opposite is true for PAC ads. In the Unit States and prompt by a tremendous increase in campaign spending both political strategists and the general public have engag in a heat discussion about the effect of campaign activities on actual election outcomes. We also find that personal selling account for the Democratic victories in the and elections and that advertising was critical only in a close election such as the one in.

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Use both mass mia advertising and target personal selling to successfully promote products and brands in the marketplace. In this study we jointly examine the effect of mass mia advertising and personal selling in the context of U.S. presidential elections where the former Maldives Email Lists is referr to as the air war and the latter the ground game. Specifically we look at how different types of advertising―candidates own ads vs. outside ads―and personal selling―in the form of utilizing field offices―affect voter preferences. Further we ask how these various campaign activities affect the outcome of elections through their diverse effects on various types of people. We find that personal selling has a stronger effect among partisan voters while candidates own advertising is tter receiv by non partisans.

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Advertising in the election would have end up in a tie. Our findings generate insights on how to allocate resources across and within channels. Paper Information Brazil Email List Seesaws and Social Security nefits Indexing by  Security nefit payments has emerg in recent years as a flashpoint of debate in the Unit States. While the overall fiscal implications of nefits indexing reform have en widely discuss this paper s contribution is to explore both the positive and normative aspects of indexation s distributional consequences across the population of retirees.

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