Chung Lingling Zhang For Unit States presidential elections mass mia advertising has en referr to as the air war while target personal selling is the ground game. Firms too increasingly use both mass mia advertising and target personal selling to successfully promote products and brands in the marketplace. In this study the authors jointly examine the effect of mass mia advertising and personal selling in the context of.

US presidential elections

By linking various campaign activities to county level vote results the authors are able to offer a more comprehensive identification of the causal effect for campaign activities compar to existing studies on this topic. The results generate insights into the Malaysia Email List effectiveness of each campaign activity for different voter segments. For example field operations are more effective for voters with stronger baseline partisan preferences while advertising from the presidential candidates is more effective among those who are more on the margin. Overall findings show that political campaigns play an essential role in the outcome of elections.

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This is contrary to the minimum effect

Of campaigning view held by some pundits who claim that most voters already have their minds made up and hence campaigns barely move the nele in terms Australia Email List of voting results. Such findings may help firms in allocating resources across and within channels. Key concepts include Advertising can play a critical role in a close election but not when one party has a big advantage. “I ENJOY THE VARIETY AND INTELLECTUAL CHALLENGE OF  More season managers seeking pragmatic guidance on day to day decision making can turn to the book s extensive analysis of cases drawn from real world companies grappling with the familiar yet complex questions that confront any organization trying to do business across borders.

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