Layout for email marketing how to hook the audience in your campaigns

What makes an email marketing layout impossible to ignore. It must be attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Want to see how to make a layout that will hook your audience in your campaigns. Read the article and check out our tips. Email marketing layout: what is it. The layout concerns the aesthetics and appearance of the email, that is, the elements that will compose your content and make it more attractive to the reader. They are the: titles; text; images; buttons; lines; columns. Finally, a good layout for email marketing should be well laid out. With adequate spacing and the use of fonts and images that make reading fluid.

Email marketing layout is different from structure

The structure, on the other hand, is the order in which these. Elements are organized within the email, such as: subject; greetings; title; email body; call to action. How to create email marketing layout. When making a design or layout for email Bulgaria Mobile Number List marketing, keep the following elements in mind: make a responsive design. A responsive design means your email will be easily viewed on any device, without losing quality. Organize the ideas a confusing email, which does not follow a harmonious. Sequence, can overwhelm the reader and make him abandon reading your content. Therefore, invest in a layout that values ​​the user experience.

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Leave blank spaces so the reader can rest their

Eyes while reading, and insert images and text strategically. Make a scannable email scannable text is text that allows the reader to get an idea of ​​the content without having to read the entire content. Reading in f, as it is also known, is the way people read digital content on websites, blogs and emails. It consists of concentrating the main information Find List at the top of the email, always using left alignment. Use the 60/40 rule the 60/40 rule talks about. The text to image ratio you should use in your email. In order not to make your reader bored and too lazy to read all the content, use 60% text and 40% images. To bring more balance to the reading, incorporate images.

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