Find List phone number list Learning to code brought these 3 characters closer to their dreams

Learning to code brought these 3 characters closer to their dreams

Dreams are one of the inseparable things in human life. Each of us certainly has a dream that can be fulfilled in many ways. The three inspirational figures that will be reviewed in this article also have their own dreams. However, the way the three realize their dreams is the same. They all learn to code in order to get closer to what they want to achieve.

#1 Muhammad Yusuf Aristyanto – IDCamp grad living his dream by learning to code and teaching
learn to code idcamp x code

For Muhammad Yusuf Aristyanto (22), the best way to learn is by teaching. The young developer is a graduate of the Statistical Computing Faculty of the Central Statistical Office (BPS). In addition to working full-time as a computer administrator at BPS, Yusuf is also a frequent technical training instructor at DQLab and a seasonal data consultant at Data Bangalore. For him, learning to code not only makes his dream come true, but it is also useful in his daily life.

Programming knowledge seems to cover

My whole life. When learning to program, we encounter a problem. After that, we need to develop a solution framework, arrange the logic used, and then we can solve it in the programming language we use problems. I also use this method to solve various everyday problems that I face.”

Yusuf showed great enthusiasm Kazakhstan Mobile Number List in receiving the IDCamp scholarship because he wanted to continue his studies and complete the portfolio section on his LinkedIn account. In the end, Yusuf successfully passed and obtained the certification of the program. The full story on Joseph is here.

#2 Virza Misbakh Khoirudin – AWS Grad Accelerating Dreams by Learning to Code
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Virza Misbakh Khoirudin (26) is a graduate of Amikom Yogyakarta University in Informatics. The world of programming has caught his attention since his fifth semester on campus. Virza feels that learning to code is something that is very much needed right now.

I realized that there are more bootcamps

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In the IT field because there are more job openings, but the required human resources are limited. So I feel that learning to code is absolutely necessary today.”

Virza, who aspires to become a systems analyst in five years, finally won an AWS scholarship. Verza got his coveted job earlier than expected, which accelerated his dream. Read Virza’s full story and his passion for learning here.

#3 Bintang Fathur Rahman – A rising graduate FIND List who went on to become a lead game programmer at a well-known game company
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Bintang Fathur Rahman (22) has been playing games since he was a child. Accustomed to participating in various game tournaments and working as a game designer. Aspiring to one day create his own Android gaming app, Bintang decided to join the Rise program and choose the Mobile Development (Android) learning path to learn to code.

When he joined Bangkit, Bintang felt that this educational project was like a mission in a game that he had to conquer. Bintang’s passion for learning led him to a promising career after graduating from Bangkit. He applied for a well-known game company.

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