Find List phone number list Mental triggers techniques to attract and sell more

Mental triggers techniques to attract and sell more

This term is very common within the universe. Of digital marketing, but you need to know how to use it correctly to get the desired results. Check out in the post 4 techniques for using this. Powerful strategy to attract new customers and, consequently, sell more! Types of mental triggers: know the 10 most used. You may even know 50 words that are powerful mental triggers. But it’s not much use if you don’t know the types and when to use them. Therefore, we will help you: 1- mental urgency trigger the mental urgency trigger is widely used, as the name implies, to create a sense. Of time urgency in consumers who, as we know, tend to leave things to the last minute.

The example above of the last  hours of

Promotion” is an excellent way of using the mental. Urgency trigger, which is often used in promotions that have a limited time. A great date to use this trigger is black friday, setting. A clock with the time that those promotions will end. 2- mental scarcity trigger the mental trigger of scarcity is similar to that of urgency. The big difference is that it’s Sweden Phone Numbers List not about time, but about generating the feeling that something is running out, like units of a product. Above we also gave the example of “only 2 products in stock”. This generates a feeling that you need to secure. The product in question before it runs out and you run out, stimulating the purchase impulse. Another example of this trigger. Is “limited spaces” or a “special bonus for the first 50 customers”.

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Mental trigger of pleasure x pain everyone

Seeks pleasure over pain, right? And to use. This trigger, you need to know your persona ‘s pain very well . After all, you will only be able to show “pleasure”, knowing what needs to be solved. A good example of the use of this trigger are those advertisements Find List for real estate developments with the decoy “exit rent”, “no down payment”, “unmissable financing conditions…”, because for the persona of this company the biggest problem is. Having to pay rent every month. 4- mental trigger of authority the mental trigger of authority makes a lot of sense if you know how.

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