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Necessary to Generate Opportunities

Mattiano’s legacy, her story De ella Aves sin nido has also liv in controversy bas on the various readings that the novel has had, some disdainful, others laudatory. In short, Matto de Turner is a figure whose civil and literary life has always meant a constant confrontation with what is establish and an intellectual reference . Rafael Gutiérrez Girardot, in his study titl The Formation of the Hispanic American Intellectual in the 19th Century (1990), highlights the importance of modernity in the process that forges the Hispanic American intellectual.

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Clorinda Matto de Turner is an intellectual who takes on her ideas and confronts them with the attack of society. What she seeks is to propose a modern and different vision of society, a change. For this reason, she was excommunicat, persecut, exil. When we read the various stories about his public life, one can see business lead that there are two moments in his literary development. The first is mark by his permanence in Cusco and the second, by his intellectual development. The limit point of these two stages is the war with Chile and the death of her husband, the Englishman Joseph Turner.

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Although in the first stage the writer’s side is present, this activity will always be develop within the family circle, especially when she gets marri in 1871. Her husband will be an enormous support in her literary life: in 1875 she publishes her first Cusco tradition entitl Tambo by Monteros , in imitation of the Traditions Find List of Ricardo Palma. A year later, with the help of her husband, she found the literary weekly El recreo.. In 1877, accompani by her husband, she travel to Lima to receive recognition at a literary evening organiz by Juana Manuela Gorriti, due to the publication of her Cusco traditions .

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