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So That the Entrepreneur Can

But it is the war with Chile (1979-1883) and the death of her husband in 1881, which will enhance her participation in the social and literary life of the time . This does not mean that in the previous period Clorinda was a passive character in the face of events. On the contrary, she was a woman whose word was in the debate on national and social problems. It is enough to remember her participation in supporting the national defense against the Chilean invasion, as well as the proliferation of essays and journalistic articles of a political nature in favor of

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Andrés Avelino Cáceres. After her husband di, Clorinda took over the reins of the family business for the next few years, although she was unable to achieve any appreciable success. clorinda matto de turner and the image of the modern intellectual After that, the search for a new alternative begins. Without the bond business database of family and home, Turner’s Clorinda Matto leaves Tinta and moves to Arequipa. From there a meteoric rise of the writer’s image began: in 1884 she publish her books De ella Las traditions cuzqueñas , Elements of literature and her dramatic work De ella Hima Sumac premier .

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In the following years she will migrate to Lima and she will be greatly admir in literary circles. In 1889 she was appoint itor-in-chief of El Perú Ilustrado and, in that same year, she publish the novel Find List Aves sin nido . Clorinda Matto de Turner is at the peak of her intellectual production and is also in the crosshairs of conservative and ecclesiastical groups. After his departure from El Perú Ilustrado , in 1890, due to the scandal of the publication of “Magdala”, Matto de Turner direct all his criticism against the Church and society, an attitude condens in his novels Índole and Herencia .

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