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The SEO strategy. Link analysis Links affect the reputation of the site and are one of the three big entities of search engine optimization bas on which Google organizes search results. On-page SEO Google has best practices for e.g. title tags meta descriptions and other HTML tags which should be follow if you want Google to recommend your pages in their search. Technical Audit Technical problems can in the worst case cause no one to reach your site organically so technical problems ne to be fix and there should be

Continuous monitoring

For them. What is seo Why bring a CRO strategy to the SEO strategy as well Historically organic visibility and rankings were long influenc business database only by SEO strategy measures but nowadays Googles appreciation of websites is also relat to the websites user experience and its conversion optimization . It should be understood that Google is like a recommender recommending what it thinks are the best sites to its users. It wants to recommend only pages that are functional in every way and to suggest search results that best match the applicants intent. Googles goal is that as many people as possible find the answer through the

Very first search result

In the future so that high-quality and useful content rises to the top. With this Google limits content produc with artificial intelligence that does not add value to users. However all this does not mean that artificial Find List intelligence is just a problem. From the perspective of search engine optimization artificial intelligence brings opportunities to automate analyzes and identify trends. Artificial intelligence enables for example a more efficient use of the schema by automatically finding new possible data types on the site. In addition artificial intelligence spes up the creation of content clusters by finding content that lacks internal links. We should

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