Find List Photo Editor Other prominent analytics features

Other prominent analytics features

Other prominent your team actively participating in content posting? Then check who you are reaching with that. With your statistics you can see in detail which companies have responde, which functions and what seniority level they have. That way you don’t have to do it alone. Involve your colleagues. They like to share their story if they know how to do it and above all; if it doesn’t take too much time. It’s that time of year again: the inboxes are completely floode with Black Friday offers. Black Friday is the tradition that has come over from America and is all about buy.

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A sustainable wind has also been blowing for some time. These companies do things differently during Black Friday. BLACK FRIDAY IS COMING! NOW DEALS UP TO %! DISCOUNT BLOWERS ON BLACK FRIDAY! The term Black Friday dates photo editor back to and traditionally refers to the traffic on the day after Thanksgiving. It therefore always falls on the third Friday in November and has slowly grown into the start of the ‘Christmas shopping season’. However , another sustainable headwind has been blowing for some time : more and more consumers have their reservations about buying too much and companies are also increasingly making a statement against boosting mass consumption.

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There be buying shame after flight shame? A few beautiful and inspiring examples of brands doing things differently during Black Friday. Ikea black friday . Ikea rewinds Ikea is normally not averse to bargains, but now it turns around: the Sweish furniture manufacturer calls on its customers to hand in old Ikea furniture so that it can be sold again in the ‘circular hub’ formerly the bargain corner. For the returne furniture, Ikea customers receive a discount Find List voucher that they can reeem for new items. However, Ikea will also continue to offer bargains this year. But it’s good to see that a large company like Ikea is committe to increasing awareness around buying for the sake of buying.

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