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What do your customers expect from

Further How to integrate Facebook into your local communication In conclusion whether to make your point of sale known locally increase traffic on your website highlight your promotions or simply create a community using social advertising is nowWhy create a Facebook Pro page per point of sale when you have several establishments Publish on Nov.

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Facebook page bringing together several points of sale is a contradiction in the geolocaliz world… If you manage multiple outlets this may seem neficial. From a purely economic perspective the operation would  rather profitable less content to create fewer comments to manage and therefore fewer costs… And yet this is a real contradiction. Inde this goes against the logic of social networks and Congo Email List their advertising networks which are increasingly focus on geolocation. These mia develop all their new functionalities in order to target the catchment area of ​​the point of sale. With a single professional Facebook page the different establishments do not have their own existence on the social network… Advertising tools that generate traffic at the point of sale are therefore unusable But also other innovative features online orders via Messenger reservations after sales service etc.

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If certain providers tell you the opposite it is an error and even a lack of advice that you could quickly regret. So what is the real role of a point of sale page your Turkey Whatsapp Number Facebook business page A true digital extension of each point of sale it presents numerous advantages for stores and for customers. The advantages of a professional Facebook page dicat to each point of sale Are you wondering what the nefits of a page are for your business And for your potential customers Here is all you ne to know.

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