Find List Country Email List The image therefore takes priority

The image therefore takes priority

Find the point of sale on Facebook When an Internet user. Isearches for a point of sale on Facebook they want to find a page dicat to the store closest to them. However a “multiple points of sale” page does not allow this… . Geolocate the point of sale closest to the user A point of sale page allows you to locate the store on the Facebook map and quickly create a route to get there. A multi point of sale page on the other hand cannot have a location on a map. Interact with the point of sale Social networks like Facebook are also a great way to create interactions tween customers and the point of sale Whether it involves submitting a complaint asking questions sending thanks etc.

It therefore cannot geolocate

A users to bring them to the nearest store. . Obtain essential information at the point of sale A Facebook pro page dicat to the point of sale provides access to a lot of Dominica Email List important information. Hours address telephone numr products and services offer etc. A multi store page however cannot provide information for all stores. This would  incomprehensible and a source of dissatisfaction among users who would get lost. Is it inconceivable to have a unique address and telephone numr for each store Digital is only an extension of the physical world it works with the same nchmarks. . Communicate at the point of sale.

Country Email List

Facebook allows you to communicate

On point of sale events and appear on users news fes. On average a user s eyes spend less than a second on a post fore it triggers an action like share etc. .and the text UK Whatsapp Number is rarely read. For further What formats should you choose for your images on social networks Facebook Instagram… If you communicate on several points of sale at the same time from the same page the value of the animations will quickly come zero cause they are incomprehensible.

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