Professional Academy Digital Talent Scholarship – Android and Associate Cloud Engineer Study Flow

The Ministry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Indonesia has partnered with Google to provide Indonesian developers with the opportunity to attend the Digital Talent Scholarship Professional Academy (DTS PROA). DTS PROA is one of the faculties of the 2022 Digital Talent Scholarship, which aims to enhance the capabilities of skilled workers in the ICT field according to the needs of the industry.

The program is held free and online for working or former professionals. This batch provides two training options, namely Android developer learning process training and assistant cloud engineer learning process training.

In the Android Developer Learning Flow training option, participants will have free access to two training sessions, namely:

Introductory Kotlin Programming Course

Android Application Basics Course ( )
The Android developer learning flow requires the following tools:

Own a laptop/computer Azerbaijan Mobile Number List with minimum specs:
Operating system: Windows, Linux, or MacOS (64-bit).
Processor: Intel Core i3 (Core i5 and above recommended).
Memory: 8GB or more.
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800 (Full HD 1920 x 1080 recommended).
Required software or applications:
Open the JDK.
Intellij Ideas Community.

The minimum version of Android Studio is Arctic Fox

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JRE (Java Runtime Environment) or JDK (Java Development Kit).
Meanwhile, in the Associate Cloud Engineer Learning Flow training option, participants will have free access to all three training courses, namely:

Google Cloud Fundamentals FIND List Learning Course ( )
Course to Become a Google Cloud Engineer ( )
Assistant Cloud Engineer Exam Mock Course (
The Associate Cloud Engineer learning process requires the following tools:

Own a laptop/computer with minimum specs:
Operating system: Microsoft Windows, Linux or MacOS
Processor: Intel Celeron/Intel Core i3 (recommended Core i5 and above) 64-bit
Memory: 2GB (4GB recommended)
Screen resolution: 1366 x 768 (Full HD 1920 x 1080 recommended)
Required software or applications:
Web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).
A text editor (VSCode, Atom, or another text editor).


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