Find List phone number list Understanding Javascript Frameworks for Backend Developers

Understanding Javascript Frameworks for Backend Developers

What do you think of when Understanding Javascript you hear the term JavaScript framework? For those of you who have struggled with the JavaScript programming language as a backend developer for a long time, you are certainly familiar with this term. But what if the term JavaScript framework is still new to you? Relax and worry free. This article will thoroughly explore popular opinions about JavaScript frameworks, especially for back-end developers. Do you want to know immediately what will be discussed? Check out the summary below first.

What are JavaScript frameworks?
A JavaScript framework frequently used by backend developers.
These are the two main points that this article will discuss in depth. Let’s first understand the term JavaScript framework.


What are JavaScript frameworks

As a backend developer, you will of course be involved in the “kitchen” of an application or website. Well, let’s say you’re a backend developer working on a website. Well, compare the process of developing a website to building a house.

Home page illustration and javascript framework analogy

JavaScript frameworks Israel Mobile Number List frequently used by backend developers
Now that we understand the term JavaScript framework. It’s time to discuss the frameworks that are often used by back-end developers.

javascript framework backend ranking

According to a survey compiled by stateofjs in 2021, several.  JavaScript backend frameworks are ranked based on satisfaction, interest, usage, and user awareness.  Of the framework’s existence.

Well the author will discuss the top 3 frameworks

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According to stateofjs usage survey. The three backend JavaScript frameworks discussed are as follows.

The number one JavaScript backend framework is Express. First released in 2010, the framework is the oldest and most popular web framework on Node.js, so it’s no surprise that it has a fairly large user base. This framework is very lightweight, easy to integrate with front-end web applications, and the code is not much different from native Node.js.

However, due to its lightweight nature, Express FIND List is an opinionated framework, and aliases have no rules for their usage. Express doesn’t provide developers with a fixed structure or framework to follow, so it can be difficult for them to determine what the best code looks like

s is an open-source JavaScript framework built with React, so you can create static websites and user-friendly REST APIs like building web applications with React. The framework has been developed by Vercel since 2016, but the stable version has just been released in 2021. Vercel is a platform that allows us to easily deploy applications built with Next.js.

Some readers may ask, “What’s the difference between Next.js and React?” Simply put, React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, while Next.js is a React framework for server-side rendering.

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