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Recruitment advertising you can target

Also not forget the possibility of artificial intelligence to create for example meta descriptions or titles automatically. In other words tasks that previously requir manual time and the creation of complex Excel files will in the future be done automatically with the help of artificial intelligence. Will SEO strategy still be made for Google even though we live in the time of video and artificial intelligence revolutions There has been a lot of talk about how young people in particular use TikTok and YouTube as their primary source of information

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Importance in information search is waning. This by no means means that you should forget about Google in your SEO strategy. I dont deny that you get excellent exposure through TikTok and YouTube but in terms of business Google is still in a core position and without Googles b2b leads visibility the company doesnt exist. Through your TikTok or YouTube video you can arouse interest but after that you often want more information which Google is still often us to find. In addition you still lead to the purchase primarily through

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Should have good organic visibility on Google. In 2023 there will still be more than 9 billion Google searches per day . Read that again – 9 billion. In a day! So Google is not only a search engine us Find List by boomers. Google is constantly developing and keeping up with trends. The above-mention TikTok and YouTube videos now appear directly on Googles search results page as well. So Google is clearly aware of their popularity and still wants to be a platform that serves everyone. It always provides the best search result regardless of

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