Find List phone number list This effect operates in the early stages

This effect operates in the early stages

As a determined optimist who has grown a bit more pessi. Kmistic during my life I do want to share one important finding from my years of field research Ef. Kfective long term planning and investment requires an optimistic approach with contingency plan. Ining by pessimists—because things never go exactly as you want them to. Footnotes.

Kim et al. Journal of Psychosomatic Research

Psychology and Aging . Vol. No. . POST A COMMENT In order to be published comments must be on topic and civil in tone with no name calling or personal attacks. Your commentFi. Inancial Development and Technology Diffusion by Diego Comin and Nigeria Phone Number List Ramana Nanda Most scholarship looking at the role of fin. Iancial market development in productivity and economic growth has tended to focus on the role of better developed fi. Inancial markets in allocating capital efficiently across investment opportunities. In this paper the authors provide evidence for another key role played by well developed financial markets reducing the frictions associated with the adoption and the diffusion of new technologies.

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Using a large dataset that covers

The diffusion of major technologies across countries and yea. Irs the authors examine whether greater depth in the banking sector leads to faster diffusion of these new technologies. Results provide compelling evidence that ba. Inking sector depth Australia Email List facilitates the faster diffu. Ision of more capital intensive technologies. of diffusion and in the e. Karly adopters of technology. Overall the evidence points to the importance of capital markets for the experimentation required to overcome the initial hurdles of adoption and diffusion.

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