Find List phone number list Rise Conquest missions in the game

Rise Conquest missions in the game

Indonesia is the country with the highest mobile game revenue in Southeast Asia, reaching US$1.3 billion (or IDR 18 trillion) in 2020.

(Statista, 2020)

Bintang Fathur Rahman (22) also sees a bright future in the gaming world after joining a major game development company in Indonesia. However, Bintang’s passion for gaming existed long before this gaming revenue achievement in Indonesia. Bintang’s dream of one day becoming a game programmer dates back to a time when his school uniform was white and blue.

Shining star in the game world
Google Rising Academy

Bintang’s love for games has existed

Since he was a child, but his dream of becoming a game programmer only started in junior high school. Realizing that the systems Lebanon Mobile Number List and procedures in the game were quite difficult for him just entering his teenage years, Bintang chose to take a break until high school.

when his white and gray period

Virza Misbakh Khoirudin (26) is a graduate of Amikom Yogyakarta University in Informatics. The world of programming has caught his attention since his fifth semester on campus. Virza feels that learning to code is something that is very much needed right now.

I realized that there are more bootcamps

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In the IT field because there are more job openings, but the required human resources are limited. So I feel that learning to code is absolutely necessary today.”

Virza, who aspires to become a systems FIND List analyst in five years, finally won an AWS scholarship. Verza got his coveted job earlier than expected, which accelerated his dream. Read Virza’s full story and his passion for learning here.

#3 Bintang Fathur Rahman – A rising graduate who went on to become a lead game programmer at a well-known game company
learn to code rise x coded

Bintang Fathur Rahman (22) has been playing games since he was a child. Accustomed to participating in various game tournaments and working as a game designer. Aspiring to one day create his own Android gaming app, Bintang decided to join the Rise program and choose the Mobile Development (Android) learning path to learn to code.

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