Find List phone number list Microsoft Dev Verse the largest developer

Microsoft Dev Verse the largest developer

Hey developers and tech lovers!

Indonesia’s largest developer and tech conference is back this year!

Join us on the Microsoft Dev//Verse Tuesday, March 22-Friday 25, 2022.

This year, Dev//Verse will host 4 days of events as a venue to exchange ideas and opinions with prominent speakers in the industry.

After 4 days, we will learn:
“I said I could help develop Android apps if the company really needed it. Continuing to focus on my game portfolio and how serious I have been about games for the past two years, I was immediately offered the lead game programmer trainee position at Agate International.”

As a leader, Bintang is responsible

For the various management    perform.  And documentation that Singapore Mobile Number List help programmers create games. Bintang’s outstanding performance earned him a gold ticket from his company. Upon graduation, Bintang will join Agate International full-time.

Day Building digital worlds with immersive technologies Digital Society Based on Sustainable Development

Day Four: The Future of Digital Talent in Indonesia
Where: Online (team live event)
Creating a department focused . On the mental health of its members . If the issue faced by a member is serious enough, Bintang will work closely with the student affairs department of the college or university to deal with it.

The new area opens rossing and  fighting

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For more information on the daily speakers and agenda, click the link below and don’t forget to register now!

Landing page:

Full Agenda:

#DevVerse #BerdayakanIndonesia

I hope this information is useful to you. FIND List Yusuf believes that learning to program is very important. He feels that many daily activities are now supported by programming and technological advancements.  Was absorbed by him, directly applied to daily life. And has nothing to do with programming itself.

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