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Secrets of storytellers

Secrets of storytellers. Everyone responds to stories . Here is the secret behind the power of myths, legends, stories and scriptures. That identification of what we are seeing or hearing with our own life. We see ourselves being an intrinsic part of those stories. We are so extremely empathetic with heroes and we love winning over villains (sometimes we even like the bad guys to win within that fantasy), that we extrapolate it into our daily lives. What do you think when you see the successes of others? That speculation that we can be in their place and conquer our barriers and obstacles to achieve it.

They understand that in each story there is value of their own and of others

┬áThe best storytellers are aware that each story they tell generates value. To them, and to their audience. Let’s be honest, whether in social influence, brand image or financially closing sales. Although Storytelling is a soft sell (non-aggressive sale) and it may take months to achieve it. But it retains much more loyalty than other techniques. Taking into account that an emotion does not build loyalty, it only stimulates, arouses curiosity… but a feelin gemail database which is what makes a good story, is coherent and consistent over time. And it is the one that, definitively, builds customer loyalty and evangelizes.

They spread the stories because they know that keeping them is of no use

They spread the stories because they know that keeping them is of no use. Accumulating stories for yourself alone makes no logical sense. Sharing and disseminating them through the channels that you consider most important to your audience is the logical and coherent thing to do. The result is as beneficial for you as it is for your audience. Storytellers Find List know that the stories, our own and those of others that we transform into our own, are never for our satisfaction, but rather to be shared with others.

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