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Showcases on the internet offset

Showcases on If you are busy this month and don’t have time due to the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, wait until early next year. wordpress without update Main reasons why it’s worth waiting: Most likely, another, smaller update will appear in January, which will fix the errors found in the current version . . A month is a lot of time not only for WordPress developers, but also for plugin and theme developers. In January, extensions and templates will be better prepare for the latest version. In short, if you are afraid of errors with WordPress . , wait with the update so that you avoid some of the potential problems.

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Update to version and use Gutenberg If your theme and all installe plugins are ready for WordPress.  An you already have your first practical experience with Gutenberg, nothing stops you from switching to the latest version. wordpress . – gutenberg update . Update to version . and keep the classic eitor photo editor An alternative to Gutenberg is the classic eitor currently available. Even though Gutenberg is now the primary eitor, there is a way to return to the previous eitor. You can restore it by installing this plugin . This is a good idea if your theme or plugins are not yet ready for the latest version.

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We can use a ready-made solution if our website runs on the LiteSpee ​​server. Change the format ourselves using an online generator or using scripts. Optimization on the LiteSpee ​​server If you are the owner of hosting on a LiteSpee ​​server, open the LiteSpee ​​Cache plugin settings and go to the “Meia” tab . litespee webp optimization – step Scroll down and enable the options shown in the Find List screenshot below. Litespee webp optimization – step From now on, image optimization will result in adding images in .webp format, which will be visible in compatible browsers. In other browsers.

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