Find List mobile app designs service That you enter the free webinar “data protection as a marketing

That you enter the free webinar “data protection as a marketing

That you enter the free webinar “data protection as a marketing enhancer. To conclude three key concepts that fonte highlights to take into account Rememr that it essential to obtain authorization for the processing of personal data directly from the owner and that th authorization can obtain in writing orally or through unequivocal conduct of the owner that allows us to reasonably conclude that the authorization was grant. In no case can silence assimilat to unequivocal conduct. Regardless of the mium proof of the authorization grant must kept and when the owner requests it a copy of it must provid.

Manage the situation

Clear that sensitive data understood to data that affects the privacy of the owner. Or whose improper use may lead to dcrimination such as racial or ethical origin political orientation data relate. To health data relat to their sexual life data biometrics mobile app designs service religious or philosophical convictions memrship in unions or social human rights organizations or. That promote the interests of any political party. Always keep in mind that when dealing with sensitive data the owner must know that he not oblig to. Authorize its processing and that it the duty of the person responsible for the data to inform the owner explicitly and in advance.

There are several steps organizations can take in

Which data sensitive and what the purpose of the treatment that will given to them. And computer security recommendations for the proper processing Find List of personal data Validate fore circulating information to third parties. Request written authorization from the owner when collecting personal information. Keep proof of the authorizations grant. Do not allow access to information by unauthoriz persons. Warn when you processing personal data of minors. Process the pqr that you know or send it to the a in charge.

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