Find List Country Email List What did I do I call a meeting and ask

What did I do I call a meeting and ask

LAWRENCE NWARU PROJECT DIRECTOR LBS CONSULTING LIMIT We are all brilliant Jerks in one form or the other. As managers the problem with managing these special class of people is our impatience in understanding that they are facing some form of challenge beyond them. We all have our good and bad sides our strengths and weaknesses. All these can be curb. But how These jerks appear outrageous because of their awkward behaviour.

Most times we as managers

Use our autocratic leadership approach to deal with them in the name of bringing about a change in behaviour. My late father once told me that behaviour cannot be chang but can be modifi. If we attempt this simple and common suggestion of modifying behaviour rather than attempting Indonesia Email List to change them then the untapp potentials in these jerks can be tapp to fullest utilis before we hurrily exit them. I have once had to manage a jerk during my career in leadership. Quite an excellent performer meeting and exceing targets at all times. But would have issues with one colleague today and another tomorrow. Again this jerk was very erratic and gives in to emotions at every slight provocation. I was more concern about what he brings to the table than the indiscipline that he exhibits.

Country Email List

Sooner I found out that his behavior

A affecting the entire team. It was going to be a case of one good performance from an individual and lower output from the entire team members orchestrat by India Telegram Number this jerk s behaviour.   members if they can tell me one good thing in the next person on his or her right hand. We went through the rounds. Then I chang the game slightly by asking the team member if there is one person that they all admire his or her behaviour. To maintain confidentiality I suggest that we write down the name of the individual that each of us thinks had done extremely well wrap it and drop it on the table.

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