Find List Country Email List A few months later I shar some thoughts

A few months later I shar some thoughts

While that was done I again ask the team to write do. Iwn the name of one individual his or her behaviour is so frustrating that we would like to suggest a change of attitude. Everyone respectfully respond an. Id we took record of the findings. Shockingly one individual tops in the two case scenarios in one hand the best staff and in another the worst colleague. We can only modify behaviour by applying necessary supportive controls to the affect individual. More critical to this change initiative is working together with the individual and helping him to overcome the challenges he or she is facing.

This is my principle way to show

The team my dilemma in dealing squarely with the unbecoming attitude of this individual. I had been accus of having soft spot fo r this guy. My mother once told me that you do not throw away the baby with the dirty water. At that point I told the team that we should allow the Iran Email List individual speak to us on how he feels being the good and the ugly at the same time. And the Jerk in our midst retort and I quote I appreciate all your recognition and at the same time very sorry for my actions to you all … We all clapp for him and a few hugg him. I made it clear that everyone should rise for him that it takes courage to accept one s wrong and to take responsibility for change.

Country Email List

I later call this Jerk into my office

Shar the outcome of the meeting and the implications it has on the development and growth of the individual and personality in him. He promis me a drastic change. with other colleagues of his and they all confirm that there has been remarkable change in his attitude and Indonesia Telegram Number hostility to colleagues. That again reminds us that behaviour is a long held belief and it takes pretty long time and effort to change.

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