Find List phone number list Norton One of the things you notice when people

Norton One of the things you notice when people

Khaire For me it s the power of the idea as opposed to the pow. Ier of the product. If you go to Noma a lot of the stuff materially is weird right—you are eating a live shrim. Ip or ground grasshoppers or something like that. But what these entrepreneurs in the cultural arena are able to do is leverage an idea to make the most of it. It s not the wriggling shrimp it s the idea of what s behind it.

Or in the case of insects as food

Or entomophagy as it s called—it s the idea that we are depleting natural resources but we need protein so we can elevate that. “IN ALL THESE CASES ENTREPRENEURS HAVE LEVERAGED OR MONETIZED AN IDEA THAT IS MUCH MORE A SYMBOL THAN A MATERIAL PRODUCT” HBSWK To achieve environmental sustainability. Khaire So now these ground grasshoppers in miso sauce are not just grasshoppers the ick factor is taken away and it s this bigger idea. Norton To me the key is the not just. It s not just ground grasshoppers it s also an Hungary Phone Number List idea that you are consuming. Khaire In all these cases entrepreneurs have leveraged or monetized an idea that is much more a symbol than a material product. If you think of an airplane as an idea that we can fly then how you do that is a matter of engineering. It s the same thing here.

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You have the notion of sustainability through

Food as an example which is not the only idea in Noma but it is one idea and then how you do it—through locavore cuisine or entomophagy—becomes the nitty gritty. describe these restaurants is they don t use words like delicious —or describe how India Telegram Number the food tasted. They describe what the food was like and what the experience was like using words like amazing interesting and fascinating. Khaire Mind blowing innovative. Keinan That s why it s like art—people use the kinds of words they d use at a gallery. It moved me. It inspired me. Norton You don t say It was really yellow. The experience goes far beyond the material elements.

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