Find List phone number list He s been successful in Latin America

He s been successful in Latin America

Maybe even Hong Kong or Shanghai because those places have culinary traditions. Norton You as a customer have to believe that he is genuinely curious about the cuisine. HBSWK What about Acurio Has he been successful in spreading his franchises to different cities or are there places he s run into difficulty Keinan.

The challenge he has had is educating

Consumers who are not familiar with Peruvian food.  and in Miami but the challenge is to promote Peruvian cuisine beyond where he has the prestige or reputation. Norton Even so the case includes an exhibit documenting all the openings and closings Honduras Phone Number List of franchises around the world and it s been mostly openings. Once they open they are usually successful in maintaining the business. HBSWK Are there any lessons from these restaurants that can be app. Ilied to businesses outside the culinary world Keinan I don t th. Iink it s a coincidence we see these cases coming out at the same time. They represent a very important trend in consumption where—especially in the luxury industry—experiential consumption is becoming very im. Irtant and growing faster than product consumption. Consumers are looking not just for experiences but also for experiences that are meaningful authentic once in a lifetime.

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HBSWK Which is the danger of

That it risks becoming this new commodity. Keinan It s particularly relevant to the restaurant industry. One of the reasons it s so fragmented and you see so many brands is because people don t want to keep going to the same restaurant. They want to keep China Telegram Number trying new things and collecting new experiences. But they are also looking for something that represents a point of view. They need to feel that by going to the restaurant they can be first part of a meaningful experience but also part of a movement something bigger that the brand stands for.

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