Find List phone number list Davis explains why both perspectives

Davis explains why both perspectives

A key outcome to understand MFI operation and effectiveness is the interest rates they charge their customers. Author Abstract We examine the heterogeneous effects of globalization on the interest rate setting by microfinance institutions MFIs around the world. We consider MFIs as a mechanism to overcome the institutional void of credit for small entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies.

Using a large global panel of MFIs from

Countries we find that social globalization that embraces egalitarian institutions on average reduces MFIs interest rates. In contrast economic globalization that embraces neoliberal institutions on average increases MFIs interest rates. Moreover the proportions of female borrowers and of poorer borrowers negatively moderate the relationship between social Morocco Phone Number List globalization and MFI interest rate and positively moderate the relationship between economic globalization and MFI interest rate. This paper contributes to understanding how globalization processes can both ameliorate and exacerbate challenges of institutional voids in emerging and Managing.

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Family Business Are Optimists

Pessimists Better Leaders In general optimists are best suited to lead family run entrepreneurial organizations. At least until disaster strikes. John A. are so USA Telegram Number valuable. Editor s note This is part of a series of occasional columns on managing the family business written by Senior Lecturer John A. Davis. Optimism and pessimism are strong stable traits that reflect our coping strategies. We live in an uncertain world.

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