Find List phone number list When the news is bad and likely to get

When the news is bad and likely to get

To cope with uncertainty most people basically assume that things will either turn out well the optimists or turn out badly the pessimists . So here s a question to ponder Is it better to have an optimist or a pessimist leading your family organization As I ll show below both have their own unique traits that can benefit a business. But they will do it in different ways with different goals.

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I plunk down two magazines in front of you. One Time has Warren Buffet on the cover under the headline The Optimist. The other publication is ThePessimist whose tagline is Expecting the worst. Never disappointed. Which do you pick up first It s probably a good thing for us that so called rationalists tagline Why so emotional are in the minority Namibia Phone Number List because studies show that without optimism or pessimism people don t accomplish as much. These natural traits motivate people to take action different actions but at least action. Are You A Pessimist If you re a pessimist you tend to focus on safety and security. Pessimism drives you to seek and find safe havens establish clear advantages and protect resources.

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Recovery for instance families save money and companies build war chests. worse a pessimist is your best ally because pessimists thrive on fixing errors. To get the most out of the pessimist in your family owned company researchers say you need to Vietnam Telegram Number provide targeted negative feedback from a trusted authority. Pointing out what has gone wrong or what s less than perfect will motivate the pessimist to innovate products improve plans and solve problems. For this reason pessimists can make good operational leaders. But pessimists in the corner office or leading the family are less likely to foster a culture of growth risk taking and wealth creation.

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