Find List Country Email List Collis presents a comprehensive guide

Collis presents a comprehensive guide

Author Abstract The price indexation of Social Security nefit payments has emerg in recent years as a flashpoint of debate in the Unit States. I characterize the direct effects that changes in that price index would have on retirees who differ in their initial wealth at retirement and mortality rates after retirement.

I propose a simple but flexible theoretical

Framework that converts nefits reform first into changes to retirees consumption paths and then into a net effect on social welfare. I calibrate that framework using recently produc data on Social Security neficiaries by lifetime income decile and both existing and new survey evidence on the normative priorities Americans have for Social Security. The results suggest that the value Lithuania Email List retirees place on protection against longevity risk is an important caveat to the widespread enthusiasm for a switch to a slower growing price index such as the chain CPI U. A Manager’s Guide to International Strategy by Julia Hanna In a new book on international strategy David Collis details the four strategic questions that ne to  answer by managers in multinationals.

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In the new book International Strategy

Context Concepts and Implications Harvard Business School Adjunct Professor David J.  to a topic of ever increasing relevance for managers China Email List across all sectors and industries. By first offering a context for the why of mul A tinational firms then a framework for how to craft an international strategy that creates shareholder value Collis provides students and new managers with an integrat perspective on international strategy drawing on earlier work by scholars who include HBS colleagues Christopher Bartlett with Sumantra Ghoshal Michael Porter and Pankaj Ghemawat.

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