Find List Country Email List When you finally get rid of them

When you finally get rid of them

It s easy to define the result that is want usually profit but the inputs requir to get the result require more thought and are typically tougher to measure and report in real time. We re not that far from the tree we respond to rewards so it s important to reward the haviours that you want not the result. The worst thing to do is to reward the heroes that pull us out of an emergency and ignore the folks that keep things going smoothly.

It s easy to see the heroes

People are jerks cause it has paid off for them in the past so the manager must stop their jerkiness from paying off now. We all learn to get what we ne from others Luxembourg Email List one way or another such as lligerence criticism humor denial compliance kindness etc. The manager has to ratchet up the pain dissonance or change will not occur. People use the same old skills in every situation. Make it painful for the jerk and then let them decide whether it s worth it to change or live in pain or find another job. The reason we don t do that more is cause it is also very painful for the manager.

Country Email List

It requires confrontation documentation

Picky warning investing time in an obnoxious person noticing and rewarding new haviors you want. Not much different than raising a teenager In my Arabia Email List industry customer service is king. If a jerk sacrifices service it s far less painful to get rid of them than try to change them.  co workers will say it s about time what took you so long WARD HARE RETIR DIRECTOR STRATEGY AND PLANNING FORTUNE MANUFACTURER The Air War versus The Ground Game An Analysis of Multi Channel Marketing in US Presidential Elections by Doug.

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