Find List phone number list As a human I feel very belittl actually

As a human I feel very belittl actually

Thus if a brain scan is to be request from a candidate then the candidate should be able to request interviewer s brain scan. This is to ensure the candidate does not get disappoint in continu irrational behavior of one individual in an organization that may be standing for higher virtues.

That said since neurological activities

Highly relat to use depreciation which in turn is dependent on age the above method leaves a room for moving average system which may dictate that should the concern area of the brain deem as asset decreases below a certain threshold of activity the person may no longer be valuable to the organization. In other words such scans once start will decrease Cameroon Phone Number List in price and companies will use it extensively to keep their stock fresh .  by such notions. Best regards Aim NILESH MISTRY MANAGER MATERIALS SE ELECTRICALS LTD Good idea of having right candidate on board with brain scan. However to my limit understanding I believe alike psycometric tool which is made bas on a group study and compare results with the candidate response brain test result and decisions thereof could never be so accurate in determining exact match.

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One can always experiment with innovative

Technology to help in finding right talent but total dependency upon such tool may result in wispy outcome. As humans are hardwir to keep first information in consideration while taking decision which might given bias selection. KAPIL KUMAR SOPORY Mexico Whatsapp Number COMPANY SECRETARY SMEC INDIA PRIVATE LIMIT The very idea of scanning someone s brain before employing him her is mind boggling. And at present it may be illegal too as this means going too deep in to someone s privacy and a violation of human rights. This apart what would brain scan ultimately lead to.

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