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Pollo clos 45% more deals with new retailers and had a 23% increase in revenue . All of this with a 40% lower investment , a consequence of well-defin actions that avoid wasting resources. Check out some of our results: Cost Per Click (CPC) decreas by approximately 28% . This allows the company to control expenses and invest better. The average ticket , which represents the average amount spent on orders, increas by 14% . The blog and website saw a 128.67% increase in sessions , not to mention a 134.98% increase in new users.

With these results the ROI in this period rose to

Values ​​are also justifi if the conversions of leads to customers are efficient. The result is relative, which justifies hiring a specializ company to measure the metrics. Lead Calculator Spreadsheet Average ticket The average ticket is appli individually to an account to identify how Latest database much revenue that customer brings to the company. It is a metric that helps you understand when to apply engagement strategies, aiming to increase demand for the products/services purchas . Lifetime Value (LTV) LTV is a metric for evaluating each customer’s profit potential to prict results. It analyzes the full time of business with your client , that is, since he start requesting services/products.

A friend to potential customers

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It nes to be at least three times above the CAC for the account to be sustainable. Conversion rate The conversion rate refers to any of the stages that the visitor advances in the sales funnel , from the moment they become a lead until the purchase is made. An intrinsic part of Digital Marketing, conversion is the objective of every action taken. Tip: 5 mistakes that hinder your sales conversion and how to avoid them Find List The team hir to manage your campaigns is the best suit to generate this metric, as they work directly with ongoing strategies .

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