Users who interact with posts on a page or in private mess. Iages are very impatient… They know that they are geolocat and Facebook immiately offers them the. I establishment in which they are or have en. If you have a single Facebook pro page for. I several establishments then you will have unlocaliz requests. Your goal should  to have as much content and interactions as possible but also as many c. Iomments as possible whether good or bad.

You will have to ask a lot

Of questions which point of sale were you in fore you can. I answer them which will result in wast time complex management and a bad experience for your customers. . Encourage people to share point of sale activities and events Facebook is also a great way to generate Equatorial Guinea Email List virality around your publications. To do this your customers must  able to share your activities or events with their friends. But this will not work with a global page which is attach to no point of sale or no location… The nefit will therefore  zero in terms of bringing traffic to the point of sale and users will stop sharing your content. . Order products directly on the Facebook pro page A professional Facebook page is not just a tool for promoting a point of sale does it allow you to sell products directly online It is also possible to create a Facebook store in just a few clicks.

Country Email List

The only necessary condition

Apage must  link to a point of sale. These Facebook features are already very widespread in the US Burger King US and are starting to come so in France. page dicat to each point USA Whatsapp Number of sale In a network of points of sale with many establishments it may seem complicat to manage one page per point of sale… Well no Everything is plann to meet this challenge there are even tools like Wekolo which simplify your organization and operational management.

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