Find List Country Email List The good news on corruption is that private

The good news on corruption is that private

In the wake of the bribery scandal Siemens eventually paid . billion in fines to Unit States and European authorities. But it has also spent over million on internal investigations dismiss its CEO fir some employees and offer amnesty to workers willing to come forward with details of corruption. SNC Lavalin too has fir its CEO and is currently investigating other executives.

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Also come a change in practices says Healy including a tightening of internal controls regarding payments to business partners a common way to launder bribes to officials. In the case of Siemens the company chang its policy to require all partner contracts to undergo an approval Denmark Email List process with oversight by compliance.  citizens are coming forward as never before to expose corrupt practices—posting evidence of bribes paid through web bas platforms such as RosPil in Russia and I Paid a Bribe in India. It s harder to conceal when you have cell phones and social mia offering more ways of tracing and communicating such activities says Healy. He wrote an article article on such initiatives in the Harvard Business Review with HBS Associate Professor Karthik Ramanna.

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Going to be root out however it will take more than citizens coming forward. It will take some of the largest corporations in the world breaking their silence as Japan Whatsapp Number well. POST A COMMENT In order to be publish comments must be on topic and civil in tone with no name calling or personal attacks. Your comment may be it for clarity and length. Global Look At High School Management A new study looks at management practices in more than schools across eight countries. The Unit Kingdom receives especially high management scores overall. India receives low scores.

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