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Read Does Management Matter in Schools by Nicholas Bloom Renata Lemos Raffaella Sadun and John Van Reenen. Best Practices For Rolling Out Primary ucation Although India scores badly in the aforemention study the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh has been singularly successful in rolling out universal primary ucation. Ashkay Mangla looks at what the state did right in the paper Bureaucratic.

Norms and State Capacity in India

Implementing Primary ucation in the Himalayan Region forthcoming in the journal Asian Survey. Bureaucratic norms are a critical component of state capacity that Djibouti Email List shape when and how public agencies implement policies effectively on behalf of marginaliz citizens he writes. The Workforce Ruction Dilemma When it s necessary to ruce your workforce how do you decide whether to employ layoffs or furloughs That s one of the questions address in the new case Honeywell and the Great Recession by Sandra Sucher and Susan J.

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Winterberry  The case looks back at when

Thousands of companies including Honeywell were facing a tough economy. —Carmen SURVEY Bureaucratic Norms and State Capacity in India Implementing Malaysia Whatsapp Number Primary ucation in the Himalayan Region By Mangla Akshay ABSTRACT—Himachal Pradesh has surg ahead of other Indian states in implementing universal primary ucation. Through a combination of field research methods this paper connects these achievements to bureaucratic norms unwritten rules within the state that guide the behavior of public officials and structure their relations with civic agencies outside the state.

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