Find List phone number list Ios update how does it affect ads & reporting on facebook

Ios update how does it affect ads & reporting on facebook

It’s not news to anyone that the subject of. Digital privacy is currently on the rise. A very clear example is the lgpd in brazil. And apple’s ios 14 update only further confirms. This issue, directly affecting ads and reporting on facebook. Understand how this happens and how to act in the face of this situation! Ios 14 update: what changes. Apple’s new ios update directly affects companies that advertise for mobile apps. But what changes? In summary, now the user can allow or block the tracking of their data by the application. Done from a pop-up notification in the application, called apptrackingtransparency (att).

The system will ask the user whether or not he

Allows that application to track his data. And that goes for all apps that are installed on the phone. Ios 14 update: how does it affect facebook ads? With the above explanation. You may have already noticed that this makes it difficult for companies that advertise on facebook, as it will affect the way. The app receives and processes conversion events from Belize Mobile Number List tools with the app pixel. After all, the more users opt out of tracking their. Data, the lower the ad personalization and reporting reliability. This is because, in a not so distant time, all the behaviors and actions. Of users on the platform were “computed” by a pixel, bringing a lot of valuable information for companies to use in their ad targeting. Such as personalized and similar audiences – and even work in remarketing.

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And here comes another bombshell

Today, 95% of facebook’s ad revenue comes from ads made for mobile. In brazil, the use of ios is much smaller, but still significant. That is, this update can have a great impact on companies. That do not prepare, since much data that was previously Find List used can no longer be used without the user’s permission. However, it is worth emphasizing once again that asking for authorization to track user information and activities is a trend that has been. Gaining strength and which may even be followed by google as well. Faced with this, facebook has been investing in more.

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