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I still don’t “forbid reading” my daughter, but she reads a lot and without knowing it, perhaps I am applying a strategy with her: pro-feing. If we start from the assumption that understanding is a product of the interaction between the reader and the text, then, of these two Market and Thus components, the component that rules, I believe, is not the text, but the reader. In that sense, the purpose of profeing is to provide useful information to improve performance in future reading comprehension tasks, while motivating students to find the best way to interact with the text.

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Of course, for this, the best element that makes pro-nutrition of high quality inside the classroom is the teacher, and outside of it, the parents. We also have to be able to develop in students b2b email list the perspective of competence, that is, that they do not feel little competent when reading, given that those who feel little competent in reading begin this task with the indisposition typical of someone who does not understand what What read. There lies the importance of pro-feing: expressing our best experiences in others, considering that their experience with reading will perhaps be equal to or better than ours.

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b2b email list

In short, pro-feing is emerging as the strategy that preces, so to speak, the success of reading comprehension, anticipating the already known feback barriers. This reflection is not a García theory, but an approach to reading comprehension that my role as a mother, associat with my vocation as an ucator, Human relationships in any context have Find List communication as their basic support. If we facilitate the mechanisms so that it occurs naturally and, in addition, we make this communication develop in an ethical and free climate,Market and Thus  we will have taken the first and most important step of all the activities present to us in the teaching world.

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