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Human beings have this inherent capacity to change improve develop in the course of their life. Would a one off testing regimen capture such improvement The efforts of human endeavor have and will continue to surprise us for generations to come. Just imagine if the late Steve Jobs or maybe Buckminister Fuller had to go for such an interview.

The late Stephen R Covey s book the Seven

Habits had this saying if I recall it came from Viktor Frankl that between the stimulus and response is our unique inherent ability to choose. That means we are endow with the ability to improve. Is that not what performance development improvement and Costa Rica Phone Number List management service improvment or the service profit chain all about Perhaps something to ponderit more.  WORK The field of neuroscience and brain scanning will only get more advanc and thus we can expect better reading. However the job of managing and leading will be evolving in a fast changing business environment. of the existing jobs will no longer exist in less than a decade. So the perfect candidate for an existing job may not be the perfect person for the next job that will evolve So the question will be how do we define the perfect candidate.

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Do we as management take a short term

View and be prepar to a hire and fire Or do we prefer to take a longer term view to offer job permanence This goes beyond ethics to the strategy of the Switzerland Whatsapp Number organisation for talent management. At the end of the day neuromanagement is a tool it can never be an end STEVE FLICK OWNER Q C QUALITY CONSULTING LLC We don t know enough about the human brain to make hiring judgments bas on monitoring activity within certain parts of the brain or about the people who plan to use neuromanagement or about their motives.

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