Find List industry email list How to work on brand strategy and reputation in the B2B environment

How to work on brand strategy and reputation in the B2B environment

How to work on the street floor of the building called “Oasis”, in Madrid, is ‘La Casa de la Luz’. Therefore, a space full of charm designed to bring the products and services of the multinational Simon to the final consumer and host high-class events. Therefore, the venue focuses on the culture of light. Which is defined as the fourth architectural dimension. This innovative place has hosted the event ‘Brand and reputation in the B2B environment. Organized by the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands in collaboration with attended by representatives of different brands with the aim of reflecting and sharing their experiences of managing brands and reputation in B2B companies.

A new horizon for B2B businesses

Digitalization. More than 80% of consumers category email list search and compare brands before making their first contact , in addition to checking social networks. Seeking opinions from prescribers or looking at reviews from other customers, among other actions. Therefore, the brand, in this context, has increasingly greater relevance and greater contribution of value to the business. At the beginning of the debate. Gabriela Salinas, general director of the Brand Finance Institute. Established a reflection on some of the myths in B2B brand management, dividing them into 5 main points: 1. Therefore, in B2B, the price and product specifications outweigh the brand .

Humanize branding in B2B companies

The most important intangible Find List capital of companies, along with the brand and innovation. Are the people who work in them and betting on talent in organizations is one of the main reasons that make a company and its brands prosper. For Félix López Gil. CEO of FAMA: “The most important thing is the people and from our company we do the exercise of putting suppliers. Customers and workers on the same level” , a strategy that works perfectly for them now. that have a high degree of loyalty from their target audiences. Therefore, in the case of EMAC Grupo, a company in the contract and construction sector. Therefore, it is essential to offer the client good service and transmit trust,” as explained by its CEO, Emi Boix.

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