Find List industry email list The rise in prices smothers manufacturers the CEOs of Eroski Calvo

The rise in prices smothers manufacturers the CEOs of Eroski Calvo

The mass consumption sector has put on its boots and has begun the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela , where more than 1,000 industry executives met this week . The Association of Manufacturers and Distributors Companies (AECOC) has organized the 37th AECOC Congress, which was held on October 25 and 26 and has left some rather ominous sensations. The current context of inflation and its impact on company results has been one of the central axes of the meeting. The CEOs of Eroski, Grupo Calvo and Hero have advanced their bad omens and have confirmed that they foresee a drop in their business margins towards the end of the year.

Bad expectations given the current inflation scenario

The CEO of Grupo Calvo, Mané Calvo, has top industry data focused on the impact of inflation on company results. Specifically, he has specified that 85% of the cost of a can of tuna is the fish itself, the oil and the tin, three elements with high inflation rates . “The forecast scenario continues to be inflationary , so we are losing margin, just as is happening to the entire sector,” he said. In reference to the company’s year-end forecast, Calvo has anticipated growth in billing, but “that will not translate into better results due to this drop in margins .

The price of energy and the loss of purchasing power are also worrying

Beyond the increase in the supermarket Find List shopping basket. The increase in the costs of raw materials. Energy are two other factors that will significantly impact the income statement of companies in 2023. This has been stated by 73 % of managers who have participated in The Voice of Large Consumption. The survey carried out by AECOC among the more than 1,000 businessmen gathered at the 37th Congress of Large Consumption. Following the increase in costs, 10% of business owners have cited regulatory pressure as the factor. Can impact their business the most. The survey also reflects that 44% of managers are concerned about the changes that may occur in consumption due to the drop in household disposable income

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